About Us


Cottontail Express was established in 2019. We have over 30 years of experience hauling and working with people in the tanker industry. We can provide non-hazardous chemical liquid transportation within the U.S.

Cottontail began at the shining hill of High Island about a mile from the Gulf of Mexico. My wife and I started our journey together with only one used truck called "Ms. Bonnie." When my wife and I met in 2008, I worked with a different company, and we were fortunate enough to live in the truck together for more than four years. Until we decided to have our own little company, managed and operated from our tiny living room. We value the importance of our employees; they are not only our employees but also our family. We aim to bring growth with safety in mind. Grow with us, and let's grow together! We are hoping to take Cottontail Express to future innovation.